Benchmarks: CPU Performance

Star Wars Battlefront doesn't appear to be demanding on the CPU, though this is bound to change in the large multiplayer battles, unfortunately there is no way to accurately measure and compare performance in that scenario.

In our test the AMD FX series delivered similar performance to the Core i5 and Core i7 processors, though we saw considerably higher CPU utilization on the AMD processors. Even the lowly Celeron G1820 was able to deliver playable performance with the GTX 980 Ti. This means low-end dual-core processors appear fast enough to play the single player and co-op portions of the game.

Underclocking the Core i7-6700K to just 2.5GHz allowed the GeForce GTX 980 Ti to deliver the exact same performance as it did at 4.5GHz. These results were based on an average of three runs, though each run reported virtually the same performance.

Those rocking the fully unlocked Pentium G3258 will no doubt already have it wound up so high the heat spreader is peeling away and this will be helpful in Battlefront. Overclocked to 4.5GHz the G3258 delivered respectable performance and with 85fps it wasn't much slower than the AMD FX-6350.

Those running an AMD FX processor will also want to experiment with overclocking as we observed consistent gains each time we jumped 500MHz. At 4.5GHz the FX series is almost able to match the Intel Core i7 processors. Still a bit of a head scratcher when you consider that the Core i7-6700K is able to max out the GTX 980 Ti at just 2.5GHz, while the FX-9590 requires its full 4.8GHz turbo boost clock speed to achieve the same thing.