Benchmarks: Application Performance

The 6950X makes short work of extremely complex spreadsheets, taking just 1.7 seconds to complete our custom work load, making it 47% faster than the 5960X and 100% faster than the 6700K, though it was just 6% faster than a pair of E5-2670 processors.

The 6950X totalled 50860 MIPS in the 7-Zip 32MB dictionary test, making it 27% faster than the 5960X and 102% faster than the 6700K, while our dual-Xeon system topped that by 21%!

Photoshop buffs working on large projects might like what the 6950X has to offer. It completed our small custom workload in just 9.5 seconds, 27% faster than the 5960X.

WinRAR confirms the 6950X's capabilities, performing 41% faster than the 5960X. For whatever reason the dual Xeons don't perform particularly well in WinRAR.