Battery Life

The m3 Note comes with a 4,100 mAh (15.6 Wh) non-removable battery, which is much larger than many devices of this size and thickness. Meizu clearly wants their 5.5-inch budget device to pack fantastic battery life, and that's exactly what you get in most situations.

From the results above, the m3 Note blitzes most of the competition with chart-topping battery performance. The sheer size of this battery results in the m3 Note having fantastic battery life across the board, almost to the point where you could comfortably use this device for two days without charging.

Meizu hasn't achieved these results by improving the energy efficiency of this device: in our web browsing tests, for example, the m3 Note falls in line with the efficiency we've seen from flagships like the Galaxy S7 Edge. Instead, the battery life is so good simply because there is a very large battery inside the body, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The one outlier here is the video playback performance, which is lower than expected. I suspect this is due to weaker video decoding energy efficiency in MediaTek's SoC.