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microsoft vasa video generative ai with video

Microsoft VASA tech can create realistic deepfakes using a single photo and one audio track

Through the looking glass: Microsoft Research Asia has released a white paper on a generative AI application it is developing. The program is called VASA-1, and it can create very realistic videos from just a single image of a face and a vocal soundtrack. Even more impressive is that the software can generate the video and swap faces in real time.
amd strix point cpu ryzen mobile

AMD next-gen APUs reportedly sacrifice a larger cache for AI chips

Will NPUs be a waste of die space?
Why it matters: As chipmakers embark on a widespread transition to locally processed generative AI, certain users are still questioning the need of this technology. NPUs have emerged as a new buzzword as hardware vendors aim to introduce the concept of the "AI PC," yet their arrival prompts speculation about whether the valuable die space they occupy could have been allocated to more beneficial purposes.
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