E-Sports Gaming Performance

Unfortunately, we were pressed for time on this review. As it was, we only had a few days to complete the review and even that was cut short by a media event that we are attending this week. As a result, we were only able to update the results with two eSport titles: League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive...

Despite using the highest possible in-game quality settings we see that the RX 460 and other mid-range to low-end graphics cards have no issue delivering over 100fps at 1080p. With ultra-affordable previous-generation GPUs such as the R7 250 providing over 100fps, the RX 460 doesn't really break new ground here.

The RX 460 looks a bit more impressive in CS:GO. I'm told that seriously competitive CS:GO players aim for at least 200fps and if true the RX 460 delivers that with 8xMSAA enabled. Still, for essentially everyone else, the old R7 250's 88fps would no doubt suffice.