Graphics and Storage Performance

There are significant gains in GPU performance, beyond what is needed moving from a 720p display to 1080p. The Adreno 405 GPU in the S617 is around three times faster than the Adreno 306 in the S410, and that translates into a 77% gain in on-screen performance moving from the Moto G 2015's lower resolution display.

There is no real concern with the Moto G4 Plus throttling after extended periods of gaming.

NAND performance is, on average, 40% better than the 2015 Moto G in both reads and writes. This leads to improved app loading performance, although the 2 GB of RAM in my review model still limits multi-tasking performance to an extent. Considering the price of the handset, and the upgrade to an S617 SoC, I'd have preferred to see 3 GB of RAM as standard. Luckily, the 64 GB model includes 4 GB of RAM if you're willing to spend a little more.