Benchmarks: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Far Cry Primal

Testing with Rise of the Tomb Raider we see an 8% reduction in performance for the 3GB model, though we should point out this places the GTX 1060 3GB on par with the Radeon R9 Nano in this title.

Interestingly, the margin is reduced at 1440p as the 3GB model is just 7% slower now with an average of 53fps. The minimum frame rate was also reduced by just 6%.

Far Cry Primal was benchmarked with the HD texture pack enabled and despite that, at 1080p the 3GB model was just 5% slower when comparing the average frame rate and 4% slower for the minimum.

Even at 1440p the 3GB frame buffer doesn't hinder performance in Far Cry Primal. Here the cut-down GTX 1060 was just 7% slower.