Application & Encoding Performance

We recorded less than a 2% performance improvement when testing with our Excel 2013 workload. Both versions of the Beebox-S took 11 seconds, so no noteworthy gains here.

This time the 7200U was 0.1 seconds faster than the 6200U -- again nothing noteworthy here either.

We saw small gains from the 7200U model, despite being clocked up to 11% faster we found just 2% more performance in the 7-Zip test.

Finally let's take a look at the WinRAR compression test results. Here the 7200U was just 6% faster than the 6200U for both the multi-threaded and single-threaded test. Again given the clock speed advantage that the 7200U has we find these numbers quite disappointing.

Encoding Benchmarks

Benchmarking with HandBrake sees the 7200U provide just 5% more performance than the 6200U as it rendered 169fps opposed to 161fps, delivering another mild boost.

The x264 HD Benchmark shows a 12% performance gain in favor of the 7200U though as we have pointed out numerous times this processor is clocked up to 11% faster than the 6200U. So it isn't entirely clear here now much of that gain is just down to the increased clock speed of the Kaby Lake processor.

We are back to low single digit gains for the Video Master Works test. The 7200U was just 2% faster here in what is another disappointing result for Intel's new Kaby Lake processor.