Overclocking & Temperatures

Out of the box we threw the DeepCool Captain 120 EX on the Core i7-7700K and measured the idle and load temperatures. At idle the CPU ran at 31 degrees and load temps went as high as 77 degrees. The 6700K was then installed in the same system, it idled at 30 degrees but under load hit 81 degrees. I had read reports indicating that the 7700K was a much hotter chip than the 6700K, but that certainly isn't the case when comparing the two chips I have.

Overclocked, the 7700K reached a stable 4.9GHz using 1.33 volts. Under full load it reached 95 degrees!

That overclock boosted the Cinebench R15 score by 9% for a multi-threaded score of 1083 pts.

The Core i5-7600K also hit 4.9GHz using 1.33 volts and again it was stable at this frequency.

This overclock allowed for a rather impressive 16% boost in score when testing with Cinebench R15.