Application Benchmarks

Testing with an Excel workload, the Pentium G4560 was able to roughly match the i3-4360 while it was 7% slower than the i3-6100 and 75% slower than the Core i5-7600K.

Again the Pentium G4560 just trailed the i3-4360 and wasn't a great deal slower than the AMD FX-8320E, at least in it's out of the box configuration.

Once again we find that the Pentium G4560 is just a fraction slower than the i3-4360 and this time in the 7-Zip benchmark it was just 4% slower than the i3-6100.

Finally, we have WinRAR and here we found similar results to the previous tests, the Pentium G4560 was a fraction slower than the i3-4360 and the same was true for the i3-6100 as well.