Benchmarks: Gaming

Okay time for some games. Starting with Overwatch we find that the overclocked 7350K is able to out-edge the 7400, delivering a 3% higher average frame rate. Keep in mind that these results were gathered using the Titan XP at 1080p.

The overclocked 7350K was able to edge out the 7400 when testing with Gears of War 4, that said it was just 5% faster when comparing the average frame rate.

Although the unlocked Core i3 processors sees a rather large 17% performance boost from its 4.8GHz overclock, it was still only able to match the performance of the 7400 for our Battlefield 1 test. Interestingly, that also places both processors on par with the Sandy Bridge Core i7-2600K.

Even with the 4.8GHz overclock the 7350K couldn't beat the slightly more expensive Core i5 processor in Watch Dogs 2. Despite seeing a 13% performance boost the Core i3 processor was only able to match the 7400.