Benchmarks: 1440p & 4K Performance

Moving to 1440p, you can forget about any sub-$150 offerings, in fact even the RX 470 struggles here using the extreme preset. The 3GB GTX 1060 takes a bit of a hit on the minimum frame rate and while not catastrophic it does fall clearly behind the 4GB RX 480.

For a smoother experience, the GTX 1070 delivers and if you must stay above 60fps at all times then a GTX 1080 will be in ordered. The previous generation GPUs also work well and I was impressed to see the Fury X doing so well, working within 1fps of the GTX 980 Ti while matching its 50fps minimum.

The Nano also pulls well ahead of the GTX 980 here. Once again, we find the GTX 970 and R9 390 still locked in a heated battle and both are just able to deliver perfectly playable performance at 1440p.

The previous-generation GTX 980 Ti and Fury X were good for 32fps on average at 4K. If you can afford it, the Titan XP blows them both away with a little over 70% more performance, delivering a fairly smooth 55fps on average. Of course, the Titan XP is a year newer and over 80% more expensive, so I'm not saying it deserves any special accolades in this case, but it certainly is fast.