CPU Performance

For testing CPU performance please note we didn't use the built-in benchmark. Rather, this is based on actual gameplay from the single-player campaign.

Using the Titan XP at 1080p we see that playable performance, or at least 60fps+ performance, can be had with pretty much any modern processor. That said, the aging AMD FX-series does struggle here and are put to rest by the Core i3-6100.

For optimal performance gamers will want to clock up their unlocked Core i5 and Core i7 processors, especially if they are rocking a high refresh rate monitor.

Interestingly, while the FX-9590 was much slower, didn't have nearly the same discrepancy between its minimum and average frame rate. This is presumably because the Titan XP wasn't given the chance to truly fly. Anyway, for the same minimum frame rate as the 7700K at 4GHz, the FX processor needed to be clocked another 1GHz faster.