Benchmarks: 1440p

Pumping the resolution up to 1440p really hammers performance and now we are looking at just 53fps on average from the GTX 980 Ti with a 46fps minimum. Despite that, the 980Ti was still 23% faster than the Fury X which averaged just 43fps. For a minimum of 30fps at 1440p with all the eye candy turned up, gamers will require an R9 390X or GTX 970.

We also see that you can achieve playable performance with the RX470, 4GB RX 480 and 3GB GTX 1060, if only just. Ideally gamers will want at least the GTX 1070 though we see a good argument for going with the GTX 1080 here as it provided 31% more performance taking the average frame rate to 71fps. Again, the GTX 1080 Ti was just 15% faster than the standard GTX 1080 and frankly I was hoping to see more from Nvidia's new $700 GPU.