Benchmarks: For Honor, F1 2016

For Honor is another game that's primarily GPU-bound and even with the GTX 1080 Ti on rendering the Ryzen CPUs are able to max it out. The same is true for the Core i3-7350K, for example.

That being the case, we find much the same with the GTX 1070 and again with the GTX 1060. So not much to discuss here but I wanted to include another non-CPU intensive game just to see if what we saw in Far Cry Primal was unusual (and it seems so).

F1 2016 can load a CPU quite heavily and we see the Core i3-7350K really suffering compared to the Core i5 and Core i7 models. That said, performance was still playable, it just looks much slower when using a high-end GPU. Even the 7700K offers strong gains over the 7600K here.

Looking to Ryzen we see much more consistent performance across the various models. The quad-core 1500X clocked at 4GHz is able to match the 7600K at 4.8GHz, which is a pretty big deal. In fact, the minimum frame rate was 6% greater and of course the 1500X completely wastes the Core i3-7350K here.

Moving to the slower GTX 1070, all the margins close up but again we see consistent performance from the Ryzen parts. Interestingly, the 1500X offers much better minimum frame rates with the GTX 1070 than the 7600K does.

Once we get down to the GTX 1060, things are pretty much equal across the board and now the 1800X can be seen matching the 7700K.