Rendering and Encoding Benchmarks

I expected the Ryzen 3 CPUs to knock off the Core i3-7350K in the Corona benchmark but that wasn't meant to be. The R3 1300X was still 7% slower and 16% slower than the i5-7500. The Pentium G4560 was also surprisingly slow in this test given that it's clocked just 17% lower than the 7350K, yet it was a little over 40% slower. That doesn't really make sense until you account for the fact that it also has 25% less bandwidth at its disposal, so those two shortcomings combined have lead to the G4560's downfall in this test.

The G4560 also gets trashed in the Blender render test though this time the Ryzen 3 CPUs look a lot more competitive as the R3 1200 matched the 7350K while the R3 1300X edged ahead.

Given that the Ryzen 5 1500X is slightly slower than the i5-7500 in our HandBrake test I wasn't expecting the SMT-disabled Ryzen 3s to do that well here, but they did manage to edge out the Core i3-7350K and though overclocking should come quite close to matching the 7500.

For content creators on a budget, the Ryzen 3 series looks to be a god send. The R3 1300X matched the i5-7500 and of course it does so at a much more affordable price and again it can be overclocked for even greater performance. The same is of course also true for the R3 1200.