Graphics, Throttling and Storage Performance

Again, benchmark cheating has no effect here, as the OnePlus 5 is just 0.2% faster than the Mi 6 on average across 17 GPU-limited tests. The S835 here trades blows with the Exynos 8895, and it comfortably beats the Snapdragon 821 and Kirin 960 by 25 to 35 percent depending on the test.

The OnePlus 5 continues the company's trend of producing smartphones that don't throttle as heavily as its competitors. The phone does get very hot as a result, but it produces decent sustained performance.

The OnePlus 5, at least in its 128GB variant, includes some impressively fast NAND. Storage performance is improved on the OnePlus 3 in all regards except random read, which has marginally regressed. Write performance is significantly better, particularly random writes. The end result is the OnePlus 5 only sits behind the few Huawei P10 handsets equipped with fast storage.