Gaming Benchmarks

Let's see how Ryzen 3 stacks up when gaming. Please note that I have dropped Mafia III because it's been hugely inconsistent over the past few months and yet another patch recently changed things for Ryzen again. I'm now seeing much better performance from Ryzen, similar to what I was seeing months ago, but now the game has other performance glitches so rather than waste anymore time on it I simply removed the title.

Battlefield 1 reveals some interesting results. Out of the box the Ryzen 3 CPUs did great, particularly when looking at the minimum frame rate which is considerably better than that of Intel's dual-core, Hyper-threaded G4560 and 7350K. After being overclocked, the Ryzen 3 CPUs managed to match the Core i5-7500.

Again we see strong gaming performance for Ryzen 3, this time in Hitman. Here both the 1200 and 1300X easily beat the G4560 while they are roughly on par with the i5-7500. Once overclocked, they're able to overtake the 7500 and deliver a similar experience to the quad-core, SMT-enabled 1400 and 1500X CPUs.

Finishing up the game benchmarks we have some disappointing results in Ashes of the Singularity. It seems the lack of SMT support really hurts Ryzen in this title. Even with overclocking, the Ryzen 3 CPUs were quite a bit slower than the Core i5-7500 and their SMT enabled quad-core parts.