Benchmark: Quake Champions, Battlefield 1, StarCraft II, PU's Battlegrounds

Those of you keen on playing Quake Champions will be best served by the GeForce GT 1030 and despite this being an AMD sponsored title, the GeForce graphics card was vastly superior. Using the low quality preset the GT 1030 was 23% faster for the average frame rate and 35% faster for the 1% low.

Things got significantly worse for the Radeon GPU when using the high quality preset. Here the GT 1030 was 60% faster on average and incredibly 93% faster for the 1% low. You have to think this is a driver issue for the RX 550 in this title.

The Battlefield 1 results were quite interesting. Using the low quality preset the RX 550 was actually 12% faster on average and 20% faster for the 1% low result.

However once we increase the visual quality with the high preset both GPUs are capped at 28 fps on average with a minimum of 22 fps. These results look CPU limited but they obviously aren't. In any case, all this proves is that neither GPU can handle the high quality preset at 1080p and obviously ultra will be out of the question.

StarCraft II is about the only game I really ever play, I love this title but damn it sucks when it comes to CPU utilization. The biggest hurdle here is the Ryzen 3 1300X or at least the games in ability to properly utilize the quad-core CPU. For testing I'm watching a 4v4 replay and skipping to the middle of the game where the action is pretty thick. So this really is more of a CPU test than a GPU test for this title.

Because of this we see much the same 1% low performance using either the low or high quality presets. The RX 550 did prove to be the best option for this title though the margins weren't exactly big.

Moving on to the last game I tested, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and this is a title that hates low-end GPUs. Using the lowest possible quality settings at 1080p the GT 1030 averaged a console like 32 fps while the RX 550 managed just 28 fps. Both provided a horrible experience so it's of little consequence that the GeForce GPU was faster. Obviously increasing the quality level didn't help things and now the game is completely unplayable, if it wasn't already.