Benchmarks: F1 2017, Overwatch

F1 2017 utilizes the CPU about as well as any DirectX 11 title does and yet even here the Ryzen series struggles. We are GPU bound from the Core i7-7700K up and therefore the new 8700K doesn't have anything new to offer with the Vega 64 Liquid Cooled graphics card.

The Ryzen 7 1800X was 11% slower than the new Core processors while the R5 1600X was 20% slower.

Moving to 1080p the margins are again similar though the 7600K does take a much larger dive for the minimum frame rate, and again these figures are based on a three run average.

At 1440p the R7 1800X catches up, at least for the minimum frame rate and is now just 7% slower when comparing the average frame rate. The R5 1600X is now comparable to the 7700K thanks to the GPU bottleneck.

Overwatch was tested using the ultra quality preset, so it's fair to say that any of these CPUs will be sufficient for even the most demanding players of this game. That said, once again it's the eighth-gen Core series that manages to extract maximum performance, taking what the 7700K delivered one step further.

Increasing the resolution to 1080p really neutralizes the playing field and now it's only the R5 1500X that lags behind. Then at 1440p we find much the same, the 7600K did drop a few extra frames this time but overall performance was much the same across the board.