Benchmarks: Project Cars 2, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Project Cars 2 is a new racing simulator that is also quite demanding on processor. Here we see the Ryzen 5 1500X taking a real beating at 720p compared to the Core i5-7600K. Again, it's the eighth-gen Core series that delivers the best results. The 8700K's minimum frame rate was 16% greater than that of the 7700K and 23% greater than the 1800X and 1600X.

Those margins are reduced to just 5% in favor of the 8700K over the 7700K but still 20% over the six and eight-core Ryzen CPUs.

At 1440p it all comes together with the exception of the 1500X and now we're seeing pretty similar numbers across the board thanks to limited GPU performance.

Next up we have PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and these results are more competitive than what I was expecting. That said, the new 8700K isn't really able to outpace the 7700K in this title and even the quad-core 7600K looks strong at 720p.

The Ryzen CPUs do struggle in comparison though they weren't a great deal slower than the Core i5-8400. Bumping the resolution up to 1080p once again brings the results closer together and now there isn't much separating the AMD and Intel CPUs.

At 1440p you're going to find a similar experience on any one of these eight chips as they all allowed for an average of about 70fps.