Gaming Performance

Once again, there's really no surprises here when it comes to gaming performance. The GTX 1060 performs basically exactly as expected, and there's no real difference between the Helios 300 and a range of other laptops with the same hardware in new-ish titles. This is great news for those that want to save a few hundred dollars compared to other GTX 1060 gaming laptops: you're not sacrificing game performance.

The cooling solution is decent as well, which surprised me a bit considering its single exhaust vent design. When playing a game like Watch Dogs 2, which hits the CPU and GPU pretty hard, the Helios 300 reached 84°C on the CPU and 74°C on the GPU. This is a respectable result that's well within the thermal limits of both parts, and allows the GPU in particular to hit its highest possible clock speeds for the longest time.

When punished under an AIDA64 stress test, I saw the CPU climb as high as 91°C and the GPU hit nearly 80°C, but this is a non-standard use case that's not reflective of real-world gaming scenarios. And even though it's a torture test, the Helios 300 did surprisingly well here.

The great news is that it's not outrageously loud to achieve these temperatures either. It's not a silent laptop by any stretch, but with some headphones or external speakers, it should be fairly easy to drown out the white noise produced by the cooling solution. Laptops such as the Razer Blade are significantly louder under full load.