Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark

Interesting in this first batch of results is that the Synology DS-109, which is a single bay NAS device, delivered similar performance to that of the Core 2 Duo test system when also configured with a single drive. The DS-409+ on the other hand maxed out with a sequential read and write speed of 60MB/s.

The DS-409+ was bettered only by our Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 test system in RAID0. The throughput of this system was impressive, reaching a write speed of 80MB/s, while the read performance reached 68MB/s.

Next up we ran the CrystalDiskMark random 512KB read/write test where the Synology NAS devices stood out. The read performance of the Synology DS-409+ was impressive, reaching 60MB/s, making it the fastest tested solution. The write performance also reached 60MB/s, or 10MB/s slower than the Core 2 Duo E7400 system also using RAID0.

Finally we ran the random 4KB read/write test and this is a test that we use quite a lot when looking at the performance of new SSDs, as it often presents a problem for them. The results when comparing the Synology NAS devices to a standard desktop computer are nothing short of amazing.

The Synology DS-409+ was many times faster than the desktop PC when making small file writes, despite of both using the same WD Black hard drives. These are very interesting results and we believe the difference here comes down to the OS, perhaps it is Vista that causes the problems here.