Synthetic 3D Performance

FurMark suggests that the 3D performance of the LANParty UT X58-T3eH8 and LANParty JR X58-T3H6 are slightly weaker than the MSI and Asus X58 motherboards. This is seen at 1024x768 where the minimum frame rate of the DFI LANParty motherboards is weaker than that of the competition, if only by a small margin.

Using the Unigine Engine Sanctuary and Tropics tests we recorded the score at 1024x768 for each motherboard. As you can see there is little to remark here with results that are almost matched across the board.

Finally for a different kind of 3D rendering we go to Maya and 3dsMax of the SPECviewperf v10 test suite. Here the results are again very much the same, with no winner able to be determined.