Benchmarks: Prey, Quake 4

Prey is a fun game and it’s not overly demanding either, as these frame rates suggest. That said, the GeForce 7600GT still struggles with maximum in-game settings enabled with FSAA 4x + Aniso 16x enabled as well. While the 7900GT did deliver playable performance at 1600x1200, the average frame rate is low enough to receive choppy playback when in intense battle scenes. The 7950GT was 40% faster than the 7900GT at 1024x768 and only slightly slower than the X1900XT.

For the first time in our tests, the new GeForce 7950GT is able to claim a victory over the Radeon X1900XT in Quake 4. At 1600x1200 the 7950GT was 22% faster, as it rendered on average 16fps more than the 7900GT. The 7950GT also rendered 8fps more than the X1900XT at this same resolution.