Benchmarks: Far Cry, F.E.A.R

Despite being the oldest game in this review, Far Cry actually gauges performance very well at 1600x1200. Here we find that the old 7900GT is much slower than the X1900XT, as the Radeon easily wins by 30% or 18fps. Although the updated 7950GT was still slower than the X1900XT, it did bridge the performance gap to just 7%.

F.E.A.R is a very visually intense game. As you can see, with maximum in-game quality settings enabled along with FSAA 4x + Aniso 16x, you can write off the 7600GT and even the 7900GT in this game. The 7950GT produced 6fps more than the 7900GT, bringing the grand total to 39fps, which is just playable in my book. The Radeon X1900XT was again slightly faster, rendering 41fps on average.