Benchmarks: Quake 4, UT2004

Quake 4 likes the SLI 7600GS as it awarded them with a 22% performance victory over the single 7600GT card at 1600x1200 with FSAA 4x + Aniso 16x enabled. Overclocking the SLI 7600GS cards boosted this performance margin to 34% in favor of the SLI cards. This was quite substantial as the 7600GT rendered just 45fps on average at 1600x1200. While this will allow for smooth game play most of the time there may be the occasional scene that's a little glittery. However, the overclocked SLI 7600GS cards managed 62fps on average which should certainly provide smooth game play 100% of the time!

UT2004 struggles to show the benefits of SLI technology though it did prove once again that the SLI 7600GS cards can hold their own against an overclocked 7600GT graphics card.