Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark

The first round of CrystalDiskMark benchmarks looks at sequential read and write performance, where the QNAP TS-809 Pro Turbo dominated once again with an unmatched write throughput of around 113MB/s.

Read performance was also notable as QNAP's NAS device outpaced our desktop test system by a 9% margin. It was also 20% faster than the Synology Disk Station 409+ and 32% faster than the Promise SmartStor.

Although the TS-809 Pro was unable to beat our desktop test system in the SiSoftware random performance test, in CrystalDiskMark the random 512KB test favors QNAP's device.

Particularly when using a RAID0 configuration the TS-809 Pro managed an impressive write throughput of 109MB/s, making it 34% faster than the desktop system and 45% faster than the Synology Disk Station 409+. This is the first time we've really seen a performance difference between RAID0 and RAID5 configurations.

Finally we have the CrystalDiskMark random 4KB test where the QNAP TS-809 Pro Turbo again does best when configured using RAID0. The read and write performance matched that of the Synology Disk Station 409+, which is the best result we have received in this test to date.