Benchmarks: WinRAR, Maya, Cinebench

The Ion 330HT-BD was ~50% faster than the Gigabyte GA-GC230D (Atom 230) when testing the WinRAR multi-threading performance. The Atom 330 was 67% slower than the Athlon II X4 600e processor.

The SPECviewperf v10 Maya and 3dsMax tests use both CPU and GPU. The Gigabyte GA-GC230D is lacking in both CPU and GPU departments, and as such was unable to complete this test. The Asrock Ion 330HT-BD with the help of the onboard GPU managed 6.61fps in Maya and 2.18 in 3dsMax.

The Asrock Ion 330HT-BD was 84% faster than the Gigabyte GA-GC230D in CINEBENCH R10 when testing multi-core performance.