Benchmarks: Aliens vs. Predator

For Aliens vs. Predator we first used the recently released DX11 benchmark. Although this test is more demanding than any scene you'll encounter when playing the game, it's still an excellent tool for measuring graphics card performance.

We then used Fraps to measure actual gameplay and saw similar performance trends but with higher frame rates. The reason we prefer the DirectX 11 benchmark is because it plays the exact same scene every time, while our Fraps walkthrough is susceptible to human error. Here the GeForce GTX 480 was slightly faster than the Radeon HD 5870, beating it by 2fps while the minimum frame rates were even at 12fps. Clearly those wanting to play at 2560x1600 using these quality settings will need to turn to either Crossfire or SLI technology.

Adding a second graphics card boosted the Radeon HD 5870 performance by 74%, while the GeForce GTX 480 saw a 90% performance bump. This made the GeForce GTX 480 SLI configuration 21% faster than the Radeon HD 5870 Crossfire setup, delivering a much needed 7fps advantage on average while the minimum frame rate was 2fps higher.