Kingston SNV425-S2

Kingston originally released the "V Series 40GB Boot Drive" based on Intel's X25-M G2 technology. However, Intel never allowed Kingston to implement the TRIM function once it became available and in the end they simply dumped the drive. With that outcome Intel released their own affordable 40GB SSD which we just looked at, the X25-V 40GB, while Kingston fired back with the "SSDnow V Series" featuring 30GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities.

Controller = Toshiba TC58NCF618GBT
Cache = Winbond W9751G6IB-3 (64MB)
Memory = Toshiba TH58NVG5D2ETA20 (64GB MLC)
Read/Write = 200MB/s - 110MB/s (64GB model)

The 30GB model can be had for a mere $91, while the 64GB version we are testing currently costs $125 and the largest capacity 128GB model sells for $226. The former is actually a member of the SNV125-S2 family and boasts a read/write throughput of 180MB/s - 50MB/s. The 64GB and 128GB units on the other hand are from the SNV425-S2 line and feature much more impressive read/write figures of 200MB/s - 110MB/s.

Other than the extra performance the main reason we choose to test the 64GB version over the cheaper 30GB version is because it is actually a far better value product. Whereas the 30GB version costs $3.00 per gigabyte, the 64GB model works out to be just $1.95 per gigabyte. This cost per gigabyte figure actually makes the Kingston SNV425-S2 64GB SSD much better value than both the ADATA S596 Turbo 32GB and Intel X25-V 40GB drives as well.

Powering the Kingston SNV425-S2 64GB is the Toshiba TC58NC controller supported by a Winbond W9751G6IB-3 64MB DDR2-800 cache. The drive features sixteen Toshiba TH58NVG5D2ETA20 memory chips. Other than the fact that this is MLC memory and each chip must have a capacity of 4GB we were not able to dig out any more info on them.

The Kingston SNV425-S2 64GB comes with a 3 year warranty along with 24/7 tech support. There is no 2.5 to 3.5-inch mounting bracket included like with our previous offerings. However, for $15 more Kingston does offer a desktop bundle version which does include this mounting bracket along with screws, as well as SATA data and power cables.