Final Thoughts

The Raven 3 is a worthy successor to the Raven 2 Evolution and a valid member of the ever-expanding Raven series. As the best-designed Raven case to date, the RV03 delivers loads of improvements over the previous model, not least in cable management, extended storage capabilities, fan controller access and cooling efficiency.

Amazingly, the Raven 3 offers these improvements at a discount as retailers are selling the latest version for $160, 11% cheaper than the Raven 2 Evolution. This price places the Raven 3 alongside the likes of the Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced, Thermaltake Element V Black Edition, Antec DF-85 Black and Antec Twelve Hundred.

In our opinion, the HAF 932 Advanced is the only case that really challenges the value of the Raven 3, but they are ultimately two very different products. Although we appreciate aspects of both cases, we feel the Raven 3 has no equal. There are simply no other chassis that offer what the Raven 3 does and at such an affordable price.

While we won't hesitate to praise the Raven 3's uniqueness, we recognize that its eccentrics won't appeal to everyone – in fact, we're not completely sold on the design either. Frankly, the gold highlights are a bit tacky in our opinion and we think the design would have looked much nicer if Silverstone opted for gray or silver accents.

Outstanding product: Silverstone Raven 3 (RV03) ATX Case

Opinions may vary on the Raven 3's aesthetics, but there's no debating its quality. The unconventional layout has repeatedly proven that it works well – minus the quirky power supply placement. Overall, we believe the Raven 3 is the best value high-end case available, especially if you're looking for something unorthodox but affordable.