Benchmarks: Real-World Applications

The Windows 7 boot time test is measured from the moment the OS loading screen appears to the time the Windows desktop is fully loaded. The HyperX was exceptionally fast, taking just 9.8 seconds -- slightly quicker than Patriot and Crucial's drives, but still 3% slower than the Vertex 3 and Max IOPS.

For the application load test, we launch the following applications on Windows' startup: Internet Explorer, Outlook 2007, Access 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Publisher 2007, Word 2007 and Photoshop CS4. The test starts when the Windows 7 startup sound plays to the time the final application is loaded.

It took the HyperX 5 seconds to load all these applications on startup, putting it on par with the Vertex 3 and Wildfire.

Loading Adobe Photoshop CS4 takes just 1.2 seconds with the HyperX, no different than the Vertex 3, RealSSD C300 and 470 Series.

The StarCraft II level called "All In" took just 10.3 seconds to load on the HyperX, 7% faster than the Wildfire and 8% slower than the OCZ Vertex 3.