Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

Using CrystalDiskMark to measure the sequential read performance, a single Pyro delivered an anemic throughput of 210MB/s, making it the slowest SSD tested. Adding a second drive did boost performance by 86%, but even so, the RAID0 Pyro configuration was slightly slower than the Crucial m4 and Intel SSD 510 drives.

Sequential writes were even worse with the Pyro delivering 146MB/s, roughly half the HyperX's speed. Adding a second drive for RAID0 only boosted performance by 47%, which was still behind the m4 and 510 Series.

Random 512K reads again put the Pyro head to head with the Kingston SSDNow V+ 100. However, this meant that it provided less than half the performance of the HyperX and Vertex 3. Even with a 70% improvement, the pair of Pyros remained a little over 20% behind Kingston and OCZ's premium offerings.

The story doesn't change when examining 512K writes, as the Pyro barely beat Kingston's SSDNow V+ with a throughput of 146MB/s, and the RAID0 setup was trounced by a majority of Patriot's single drive competitors.

In an unusual result, the RAID0 Pyros doubled the performance of a single unit, delivering a transfer speed of 226MB/s, a fraction slower than the RealSSD C300 and not incredibly far behind the HyperX, either.

When measuring random write 4K-QD32 performance, the Pyro hit 142MB/s and that jumped by 50% to 213MB/s in RAID0.