Benchmarks: HD Tune Pro

The Pyro performed exceptionally well in HD Tune Pro as it also uses compressible data. The 512 bytes read performance actually saw a single Pyro drive outperform the HyperX and Vertex 3 while the RAID0 configuration topped our graph at 11.1MB/s.

The write performance trends were very similar as one Pyro was faster than the HyperX and Vertex 3 while the RAID0 enjoyed the number one spot.

The Pyro maintained its solid showing in the 1MB read benchmark, scoring highest among the single drives with a throughput of 490MB/s. Two Pyros improved that figure by 22%, reaching a transfer speed of 596MB/s – again, putting it above the others.

Although the Pyro dipped below the HyperX and Vertex 3 in the 1MB write performance, it wasn't far behind and RAID0 was enough to give it the lead.

The random read random file size test projected the Pyro in good light. The lone drive outpaced the competition with 465MB/s and the second improved that by 11%. Crucial's m4 was the nearest threat with 461.4MB/s and that gap only grew wider.

The Pyro also did well when measuring the random write random file size performance with a transfer speed of 422MB/s. The RAID0 configuration boosted performance by 19% for a throughput of 504MB/s – over 100MB/s ahead of the HyperX and Vertex 3.