IGP Performance

As you might expect, this is where AMD's APUs shine. Currently, no integrated graphics solution can match the performance of AMD's on-die Radeon HD 6550D and 6530D GPUs.

When testing Resident Evil 5 with medium quality settings, the A8-3850 smoked the Core i3-2120 by a 53% margin. The A6-3650 also put a hurting on Sandy Bridge with a 41% lead.

The Z68M-ITX/HT system averaged a dismal 20fps when playing Bad Company 2 using the lowest possible quality settings. By comparison, the A75M-ITX and A6-3650 was 140% faster with 48fps and the A8-3850 more than tripled the Core i3's performance with an average of 62fps.

If you recall, the Core i3 outperformed its Fusion competitors by a wide margin when backed by a high-end discrete graphics card. The tables have turned when measuring the performance of their integrated engines, however. The A6 and A8 series chips were 94 and 96% faster, respectively.