Synthetic Performance

We used the GeForce GTX 580 instead of the integrated solutions for the SPECviewperf v11 benchmark, thereby focusing on CPU power. The Z68M-ITX/HT rig outperformed the A75M-ITX and A8-3850 combo, but that's not entirely shocking. Intel's chip will likely maintain an edge in CPU-oriented tests, but AMD's Llano APUs superior on-die graphics.

The Z68M-ITX/HT was faster again, beating the A75M-ITX by a 24% margin in the lightweight test. That gap narrowed to about 8% in the productivity portion.

As with SPECviewperf v11, we installed the GTX 580 for CINEBENCH R11.5. This allowed the Core i3-2120 to outpace the A8 and A6 series processors in the OpenGL test. However, when measuring CPU performance, CINEBENCH R11.5 found the A8-3850 to be 7% faster than the entry-level Sandy Bridge processor.