Testing Notes & Methodology

Put away Fraps because Flying Wild Hog have been hard at work. Not only they took the liberty of creating their own game engine from the ground up, but they even bothered to include a built-in benchmark as well.

The benchmark includes a fly-by of the first level and goes for 45 seconds. Typically when benchmarking with Fraps we test a busy 60-second portion of the game and that is more than enough to get an accurate measurement of performance.

It's worth noting that only the demo includes the benchmark tool. This is disappointing, though it's possible that in the future the developer will add it to the final version of the game via a patch if people want it, I for one WANT IT!

Our performance review is comprised of 22 graphics card configurations from AMD and Nvidia across all price ranges. The latest drivers were used for all cards and we overclocked the Intel Core i7-2600K to 5.0GHz in an attempt to remove any CPU bottlenecks.

Hard Reset was tested using three resolutions: 1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 2560x1600. We used the highest possible in-game quality settings with the FSAA (Full Screen Anti-Aliasing) and then again with the MLAA (Morphological Filtering) anti-aliasing rendering method enabled.

The texture filter level was set to 16x Anisotropic, shadows were set to high, Textures were set to ultra and Physics was set to ultra as well. Other rendering features such as Particles, Post-Processing and Debris were all set to ultra as well.

We'll be looking for an average of 60fps for stutter-free gameplay.

Test System Specs
- Intel Core i7-920 (Overclocked @ 3.70GHz)
- x3 2GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-12800 (CAS 8-8-8-20)
- Asus P6T Deluxe (Intel X58)
- OCZ ZX Series 1250w
- Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB (SATA 6Gb/s)
- GeForce GTX 590 (3072MB)
- GeForce GTX 580 (1536MB) SLI
- GeForce GTX 580 (1536MB)
- GeForce GTX 570 (1280MB)
- GeForce GTX 560 Ti (1024MB)
- GeForce GTX 550 Ti (1024MB)
- GeForce GTX 480 (1536MB)
- GeForce GTX 470 (1280MB)
- GeForce GTX 460 (1024MB)
- Radeon HD 6990 (4096MB)
- Radeon HD 6970 (2048MB) Crossfire
- Radeon HD 6970 (2048MB)
- Radeon HD 6950 (2048MB)
- Radeon HD 6870 (1024MB)
- Radeon HD 6850 (1024MB)
- Radeon HD 5870 (2048MB)
- Radeon HD 5830 (1024MB)
- Radeon HD 6790 (1024MB)
- Radeon HD 6770 (1024MB)
- Radeon HD 6750 (1024MB)
- Radeon HD 6670 (1024MB)
- Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
- Nvidia Forceware 280.26
- ATI Catalyst 11.8