Synthetic Performance

Interestingly, the i7-3820 was slightly faster than the 3960X in SPECviewperf v11, which is likely attributable to its 300MHz clock speed advantage.

When looking at the data from SolidWorks, the i7-3820 was a fraction slower than the 3960X, though the results were practically equal. At the same time, the new part outpaced the i7-2600K by 36%.

The i7-3820 delivered similar OpenGL performance to the 2600K and 3960X in CINEBENCH R11.5, though CPU scores varied quite a lot as the Core i7-3820 was 10% faster than the 2600K but 29% slower than the 3960X.

The 3820 was 8% and 15% slower than the 3960X in WinRAR's single and multithreading tests while holding a solid lead over the 2600K.