Final Thoughts

Thermaltake started out life as a PC company creating odd looking air coolers such as the Golden Orb, and although they did not work all that well, they looked rather cool. The standard of Thermaltake coolers is not a whole lot better today in my opinion, which is very disappointing. However, their cases and power supplies rank amongst the best.


After spending a week with the Toughpower 750w I can happily say this is another fine example of why Thermaltake’s power supplies are so much better than their coolers. The Thermaltake Toughpower 750w just could not do a thing wrong as it worked flawlessly throughout the testing phase. Since finishing the testing with Intel’s Pentium D 950 processor I moved on to see how well this power supply worked with the Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors. After a few days of testing I have found the Toughpower 750w to be just as impressive on this platform.

The Thermaltake Toughpower 750w is an ideal product for those building gaming systems with the fastest available components. It has proven to be more than capable of delivering a SLI GeForce 7900GT system with more than enough juice (this PSU is actually NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire certified). The power supply also worked flawlessly in an AMD Athlon64 4000+ system, coupled with the extremely powerful Radeon X1900XTX graphics card.

This 750 watt power supply may not seem all that extreme in a market crowded with ~600 watt power supplies. However, after a quick look around, there seem to be few trustworthy manufacturers offering 700+ watt power supplies. Currently a good quality 600 watt power supply appears to be retailing for at least $100 and up to $150. Then there are the 700+ watt power supplies, and Thermaltake seems to be one of the few offering a power supply with a 750 watt output. Regardless, at $175 this is still a premium product catered to those willing to spend a few extra bucks. For this price few power supplies offer so much quality, with the only feature really being missed on the Toughpower is a modular design.

Overall when you add up all the features, the superior performance along with the excellent build quality and reasonable price, the Thermalright Toughpower 750w is one hell of a power supply. The only regret I have when it came to testing this power supply, was not having enough hardware to load the test system with. The GeForce 7900GT SLI setup with the power hungry Pentium D 950 processor and ten hard drives failed to even make this power supply blink. Therefore I am confident that the Toughpower 750w will serve all gamers well and should be up for just about any task.