Benchmarks: PCmark 7

We used a trace of importing 68 images (434MB) to Windows Live Photo Gallery, which copies images to a Pictures library, indexes them and creates thumbnails. We stopped recording when the thumbnails appeared. The HyperX 3K was again on par with Intel's 520 Series, 6% faster than the original HyperX, and 16% faster than the SSDNow V+200.

This workload uses a trace of compiling a home video from video clips. The source videos were 1080i MPEG-2 shot with a Sony HDR-HC3 and imported to the PC. A home video project was prepared with Windows Live Movie Maker. We recorded drive activity from just before clicking Publish (1080p video) and stopped when the task completed. The HyperX 3K 240GB fared 8% better than the SSDNow V+200 this time, with just 1.8MB/s separating the two.

The HyperX 3K crushed the SSDNow V+200 when using a trace of starting productivity applications, offering 48% more performance with a throughput of 56.8MB/s – similar to Intel's 520 Seris.