Ultra Quality Preset

Running Far Cry 3 at 1680x1050 with the highest possible in-game quality settings activated alongside 4xMSAA, the GTX 680 managed only 59fps while the HD 7970 GHz Edition offered just 54fps and the standard HD 7970 averaged 52fps. The HD 7950 Boost came out 2fps ahead of the GTX 660 Ti with 49fps, while the standard 7950 averaged 43fps, a notch ahead of the GTX 660, which is the slowest card we'd bother using to play with these settings.

At 1920x1200, the GTX 680 drops 10fps to an average of 49fps, while the HD 7970 GHz Edition managed even less and the GTX 660 Ti and HD 7950 dipped below 40fps.

If you plan to play Far Cry 3 with its highest quality settings at a resolution such as 2560x1600, you'll definitely want an upper-end multi-GPU configuration, as a single GTX 680 only rendered 31fps while the HD 7970GHz Edition offered a meager 29fps.