High Quality Performance

It didn't take much to hit an ideal frame rate on the most GPU-friendly settings we tested (high quality at 1680x1050), with the GTX 650 Ti managing 60fps and a minimum of 46fps, which should make for some very smooth gameplay.

The HD 6870 provided virtually the same experience with an average of 58fps and a slightly higher minimum of 48fps. The old GTX 460 just managed to exceed an average of 50fps, while the minimum dipped to 44fps, while HD 6850 and 7770 performed similarly.

Beyond that, the performance becomes pretty sketchy as the GTX 550 Ti averaged just 44pfs with a minimum of 37fps and the HD 6790 was even slower.

At 1920x1200, reaching an average of 60fps is a lot more challenging and requires a GTX 660 or HD 7850, both of which averaged over 60fps and had minimum frame rates of just over 50fps.

Those wanting to play at 2560x1600 on high will need a pretty gutsy graphics setup as an average of 60fps requires a GTX 670 or HD 7970, though the HD 7950 Boost comes awfully close. The HD 7970 GHz Edition fended off the GTX 680 with an average of 69fps versus 66fps, while the GTX Titan led the pack with a 94fps average and 76fps minimum.