Benchmarks (FXAA High): 1680x1050, 1920x1200, 2560x1600

Batman: Arkham Origins is surprisingly GPU-friendly at 1680x1050 using FXAA and no PhysX. Other than those two settings, everything else was cranked up to its maximum value and even the slowest card we tested with (Radeon HD 6750) managed 30fps.

The GTX 550 Ti hit a comfortable 44fps – performance that is plenty playable, even if we'd be happier with 60fps. Fortunately, that's easy to achieve, as demonstrated by the old HD 6970's 66fps and the GTX 560 Ti's 74fps.

At 1920x1200 the HD 6750 and 7750 are forced below the 30fps mark while the GTX 550 Ti and HD 7770 slipped under 40fps. It took the GTX 560 Ti, 650 Ti and HD 7870 to break 60fps, but we're still surprised how well the game runs at 1920x1200 on maximum quality (again, except MSAA and PhysX which we test in the next pages).

Arkham Origins becomes a bit more demanding at 2560x1600, requiring an HD 7970 to average 60fps. However, since 40fps is acceptable in this title, more affordable solutions such as the R9 270X and GTX 650 Ti Boost can still hold up to the task of producing playable frame rates at this resolution.