Application Benchmarks

The Vision HT 420D's Microsoft Excel 2013 performance was strong enough to match our Core i3-4130-powered desktop system, though that's not necessarily surprising since the i5-4200M is almost identical to the Core i3-4130. We're sure this picture will change in later tests, but Intel's mobile chip also outpaced AMD's latest budget APU.

Out of the box, the Asrock Vision HT 420D isn't that snappy in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, taking 7.4 seconds to complete our workload – slower than the A8-7600 in 45W mode, which finished in seven seconds flat. However, enabling dual-channel memory with a second DDR3 module reduced the workload time by roughly two seconds, a 26% improvement.

Asrock's Haswell box was disappointingly slow in the 7-zip Benchmark and enabling dual-channel memory didn't really help. As a result, the Vision HT 420D was the slowest system tested, maxing out at just 9001 MIPS.

The 420D performed better in WinRAR as it topped the A8-7600 and approached the Core i3-4130.