Power Consumption & Temperatures

Our idle consumption results were as expected with both the GTX 750 Ti and R7 265 systems consuming less than 60 watts.

The R7 265 consumed 180 watts in Crysis 3, which is comparable to the GTX 650 Ti Boost, while the GTX 750 Ti only pulled 139 watts, 23% less than the R7 265. Moreover, the GTX 750 Ti consumed 3% less power than the GTX 650 Ti while delivering 24% more performance in this game.

This time the R7 265 system only drew 168 watts when running Max Payne 3 or about as much as the GTX 660 Ti, and although the GTX 750 Ti used 26% less power at 124 watts, the R7 265 was 31% faster.

The system outfitted with Nvidia's latest arrival consumed only 141 watts when playing Battlefield 4, the most fuel efficient of any GPU tested. That said, while the GTX 750 Ti used 23% less power than the R7 265, it was also 18% slower in this title.

The dual fan coolers of Sapphire's R7 265 Dual-X and Gainward's GTX 750 Ti GS kept both cards relatively cool around 70 degrees under load. The GTX 750 Ti GS was particularly impressive given how heavily overclocked it is from the factory.