Overclocking Performance

We overclocked both the GTX 750 Ti and R7 265 as much as possible to see which has the potential to deliver the most performance. The Radeon went from 900MHz to 1050MHz (not including Boost frequencies) for a 17% gain while the GeForce went from 1020MHz to 1290MHz, a whopping 26% increase. Also note that the factory overclocked Gainward results are included in the graphs below.

The R7 265 enjoyed a 10% performance increase in Tomb Raider while the GTX 750 Ti became 17% faster or 12% faster than Gainward's factory overclock. Whereas the GTX 750 Ti was previously 2% slower than the R7 265, it was 4% faster here.

The GTX 750 Ti received an 18% performance bump from our overclock, taking the average frame rate from 40fps to 47fps, while the R7 265 hit 46fps once overclocked for a 12% increase. Nvidia's card was previously 2% slower than the R7 265 versus 2% faster after overclocking both.

The overclocked R7 265 saw a 13% boost in frame rates in Metro: Last Light hitting 35fps compared to the GTX 750 Ti's 31fps, which was an 11% increase over the standard frequency. These results panned out in favor of the R7 265, which was 2% faster than the GTX 750 Ti after both were overclocked.