Synthetic Testing (2)

Just like the majority of the results we have seen so far there is roughly a 12% performance margin between each Core 2 Duo processor model, the CPUs scale pretty well in these synthetic benchmarks and take advantage of the extra clock frequencies.

Surprisingly, the Pentium D does quite well in the PCmark2005 CPU test, defeating even the E6700. This probably goes in hand with the strong memory bandwidth of the Pentium D 950.

However, the Pentium D 950 was quickly chopped back down to size once the 3Dmark2001 SE results were in. The biggest performance margin in 3Dmark2001 SE was seen between the E6300 and the E6400, which favored the latter by 16%. 3Dmark2003 on the other hand focuses more on graphics performance and as a result all five test configurations brought very similar results.