CPU Performance

Despite supporting dual-channel DDR3-1600 memory, the Atom C2750 doesn't deliver much in the way of memory bandwidth at 15.6GB/s, which is comparable to the AMD A8-7600.

The Atom C2750 was quite fast when measuring L2 cache performance though its L1 cache wasn't as impressive compared to the Core i3, yet it's still snappy next to the Pentium G3220.

The low-clocked Atom C2750 offers pretty weak single core performance, scoring just 0.48pts which is comparable to the AMD Athlon 5350. However, with all eight cores working as a single unit, the score jumped to 3.47pts, in line with the A8-7600 but slower than the Core i3-4130.

The C2750 took just 15.2 seconds to complete the Excel 2013 workload, which was faster than the Pentium G3220 but slower than the Core i3-4130. Not bad for a passively-cooled CPU.

The C2750 got serious in 7-zip, delivering 1406 MIPS for best CPU results we've gotten – this is Core i5 territory.

The Atom chip also performed quite well in WinRAR, matching the Core i3 when measuring multi-threaded performance.

The eight-core Atom was much slower than the dual-core Core i3-4130 when encoding with HandBrake, yet at 130fps it was much faster than the A8-7600 and Pentium G3220.

Finally, we have the x264 HD Benchmark and here the Atom C2750 was a bit disappointing, with considerably slower performance than the AMD A8-7600 and Intel Celeron G1820.