Benchmarks: 1400x900 & 1680x1050

At 1440x900 gamers using low-end GPUs won't be able to set the visual settings at their highest as the Radeon HD 7850 produced just 21fps and the GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost/750 Ti averaged 29fps.

For an average of just over 30fps gamers will need to use either an HD 7950 or GTX 660 while the HD 7950 Boost and R9 265 both averaged less than 40fps, with 38fps each.

The GTX 660 Ti, HD 7870, R9 270X, E9 285 and GTX 760 all averaged between 46 and 48fps, which was enough for smooth gameplay at 1440x900. Beyond that we start to approach 60fps with the R9 280X hitting 55fps while the GTX 770 got over the hump with 62fps.

At 1680x1050 we already see very few GPUs averaging 60fps – in fact, it takes the GTX 780 to deliver a 60fps average. Other GPUs which are also considered to be powerful, such as the GTX 770, only delivered 54fps and the R9 280X offered only 47fps.

Still, the game is playable with a 40fps average and for that gamers only needs a GTX 660 Ti or R9 285.